FP-APS Plasma Spraying System
FP-APS-800, is a reliable atmospheric plasma spray system with steady state performance consisting of:
Solid state power supply: FP-DC-800 with the maximum current of 800 A at 100% duty cycle operation with minimized plasma arc fluctuations,
Electric Manual Control unit (FP-EMC-1) or Programmable Logic Control unit (FP-PLC-1) options,
Rotary disk type powder feeder: FP-Rotadisk metering the powder feed rate precisely and repeatably,
Water Freon chiller: FP-Freon-10 with the necessary pump to circulation the water in the torch and cables for effective cooling of these units,
Plasma spraying torches in varieties of designs, powers and applicability for various processes by order (for example torches equivalent to PT-F1 or PT-F4)
Various Plasma Spraying torches
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