Flame Spray Coating Services:
There are two varieties for flame thermal spraying process : wire flame spraying and powder flame spraying. In the powder flame spraying process powder particles are injected to a oxy acetylene or oxy propane flame where they are heated and propelled toward the substrate. In wire flame spraying process feedstock material in the form of wire is fed through the center of oxy fuel nozzle. Then its molten tip is atomized by a stream of atomizing air which also propels the molten particle toward the substrate.
Powder Flame Spraying process
Wire Flame Spraying process
We provide mechanical components reclamation services by flame spraying process to various industries. For example: building up the bearing place of any kind of shafts and rotors, bearing housings, rollers of press industries and so on. Besides, self fusion bonding hard surfacing coatings are applied on components to  achieve extreme wear or corrosion resistance qualities.
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